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Information architecture, Wireframes, UX & UI Design, Programming, Interactive Direction


Built with HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, third party API, Parallax, Responsive, Custom SNL integration


The Retail Properties of America Inc. (RPAI) corporate website redesign project marks a milestone for the real estate industry’s web presence. Streetsense was challenged to design the RPAI site to appeal to a wide audience – including investors, tenants, and real estate professionals – who each seek different information from the REIT. To meet these demands, Streetsense took an unconventional approach and developed high-level, targeted landing pages in lieu of a standard homepage. Additionally, through intense study on targeted personas we accounted for the random user journey – allowing users to reach desired information more efficiently. A uniform design aesthetic throughout four distinct platforms, the mother site, property portfolio, investment relation, and property management portal, was seamlessly achieved through rigorous and collaborative crafting. Ultimately, the RPAI site provides a consistent story and allows visitors to effortlessly access their desired information. With the expertise of the Streetsense team, RPAI’s digital presence has been redefined.


About RPAI

RPAI (Retail Properties of America, Inc.) is a self-managed REIT focused on the acquisition, development and management of strategically located retail assets.

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